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Chronic Pain Relief Patient Testimonial SuperiorMed St Louis MO

“Prior to coming to SuperiorMED I had trouble with exercising, walking, and difficulty going up or down stairs. The rehab especially has helped reduce my pain when completing these difficult tasks. I am looking forward to continued improvement after receiving a Stem Cell injection in my knee. SuperiorMED stands out from other clinics because of their honest and friendly staff. They are always eager to help, supportive through treatment, professional, and knowledgeable. They will do anything they can to help.”

- Ed Shalabi

Chronic Pain Relief of Patient Testimonial for SuperiorMed St Louis MO

“I came to SuperiorMED after doing some research online and was impressed with their services offered. Since treatment I have been able to live with less pain in my knees. I would recommend SuperiorMED to others because their service is very personal and friendly, but you have to see for yourself; I know you will be impressed.”

- Robert Wilson

"I came to SuperiorMED to see if they could relieve the pain in my left knee without having surgery. The different treatments they offered including decompression and rehab made the clinic stand out compared to previous treatment options. The biggest achievements after starting treatment with SuperiorMED include, sleeping through the night without pain and walking without a sensation of my knee popping out and/or pain. I would recommend SuperiorMED to others in pain because I am pleased with my results and I feel the staff is interested in doing what it takes to help me achieve my goals. I would also tell them that the staff will work hard at understanding your conditions and work with you to eliminate and improve your symptoms. The staff is a group of caring individuals who always make you feel that they have your best interest at heart to make your quality of life better.”

- Nancy Laspe

“I came to SuperiorMED with knee pain because I was looking for a nonsurgical approach. After treatment with SuperiorMED I can now walk without pain. I would recommend SuperiorMED because it is a great alternative to surgery. I would tell someone thinking about coming here that I was able to complete treatments while continuing my normal daily activities, and now I can do it without pain which is a bonus! The facility is so small, which allows the staff to offer one-on-one guidance. Treatment is personalized and tailored to each individual.”

- Mary Gray

“I came to SuperiorMED with burning in my low back, knee pain, and right shoulder pain. I have had soreness, feeling of being off-balanced and near-falling, pain when going up and down stairs, and since being at SuperiorMED my balance, movement, and flexibility has improved, as well as my range of motion. Pain has diminished by 60-85% on a consistent basis. SuperiorMED stands out from other clinics because of their personal staff, 100% professionalism, their care and concern, top notch analysis, and treatment. I would recommend anyone to SuperiorMED; the treatment plan was professional, timely yet flexible to my changing schedule. I am very satisfied!”

- Willie Ackers


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