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Neck pain in St. Louis is a common condition that has become almost synonymous with modern life. Poor posture, sitting for long periods, and whiplash from automobile accidents are only a few usual suspects that cause this painful condition.

What causes neck pain in St. Louis

At St Louis Back and Knee Center, we offer specialized, comprehensive treatment plans that focus on the body’s own natural healing processes while promoting an active lifestyle, helping our patients get out of pain faster and with long-lasting results.

The neck is a very intricate and delicate network of nerves, muscles, and soft tissues. Because of this, it’s particularly vulnerable to injury and pain as a result. Even gritting your teeth in your sleep could be causing you to wake up with neck pain!


  • Tech Neck: So many people are experiencing neck pain caused by straining over their computer screen or smartphone that it’s being recognized as a common cause for neck pain today.
  • Brittle Joints: Cartilage wears down between our neck bones when we get older, causing pain and loss of range of motion.
  • Herniated Discs: A herniated disc in the neck can cause chronic pain and discomfort if it presses on the nerves which branch out from the spinal cord to the neck tissues.
  • Car Accidents: Even if you don’t feel pain after experiencing a rear-end car crash, whiplash can truly disrupt your life down the road.


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