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Chronic Pain St. Louis MO Alternative Medicine

Medical science is always searching for potential new therapies to treat diseases in different, innovative ways. At St Louis Back and Knee Center, we offer several alternative medicine treatment programs that promote faster recovery from injury by harnessing the body’s natural powers to heal itself.

What is Alternative Medicine in St. Louis?

Recent breakthroughs in biomedical research have transformed how we think about the future of medicine. Certain growth factors within the human body have indicated to be the key to promoting wellness and recovery from a spectrum of diseases including blindness, cardiovascular disease, and cancer. We treat a number of patients suffering from the pain of osteoarthritis using this highly effective, natural treatment method.

At St Louis Back and Knee Center, we offer these services to our patients suffering from knee pain, back pain, neck pain, and other painful conditions afflicting the joints. Our alternative medicine program begins with a free consultation to see if you qualify for our comprehensive, injection-based system.

How Alternative Medicine Works

Our alternative medicine program may be used to support and complement another or a combination of other pain management programs. These injections contain growth factors that help promote the body’s natural healing powers. Many of our patients have succeeded in finding long term pain relief using these methods, without resorting to surgery or prescription pain medication. We want you to get back to the life you love - call us to see if you qualify for our treatments by scheduling your free consultation.


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